No intellecual interest

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Thu Feb 1 14:04:02 MST 1996

While I do find planned socialism of intellectual interest, I find Cox of
no intellectual interest. I'm too busy fucking up the minds of activists
with pernicious pro-market propaganda.


> Lisa,
>     Your reply to Jerry, reprinted below, should give you insight into
> why some members of this list seem "doctrinaire" or "dogmatic" or "in-
> tellectualy uninterested" in their responses to Justin and MS in general.
> Some of have *been there*, and have "not enough time right now" or any
> other time to go over the same ground over and over again. The Market
> Socialists are simply not of intellectual interest after one has once
> explored them (as I did years ago); they are, rather, a tactical problem:
> how to keep them from fucking up the minds of potential activists.
>     Carrol
> >

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