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Thu Feb 1 19:42:35 MST 1996

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Graham Peter D wrote:

> 	One of the participants in the MS debate has mentioned his affiliation
> with Solidarity, others have mentioned the organization in a less
> positive light.
> 	I am semi-involved with the New Socialist organization in Canada
> (a split from the Canadian I.S. late last year).  It has been mentioned
> that a link may be formed with that organization.  Solidarity could be
> sending a delegate to the New Socialist founding convention in March.
> Could someone on the list give me some info. on the organization.  Of the
> American left, I am least familiar with Solidarity.  I have heard that
> Solidarity is composed of several organizations.  I have heard the Labor
> Notes is affiliated, if so are all affiliates as reformist in orientation?
> Any response is appreciated.

Solidarity is a revolutionary socialist-feminist organization based in
Detroit with chapters in maybe 20 cities around the country, centered in
the Midwest and on the coasts. It has around 350 members. It is not
composed of several groups. It comes out of the old International
Socialists. Several ex-Trotskyist groups have "regrouped" with or into
Solidarity, including the former Fourth Internationalist Tendency and the
AISP, or some such acronym, These groups no longer exist as seperate
groups even within Solidarity. About half the members of Solidarity (like
me) have no Trot background and Solidarity is not a Trot group.

Its principle of organization is non-democratic centralistic and
pluralist. We don't have lines or a line. We have some principles or
unity: political indeoendence from any capitalist party, internationalism,
feminism, revolutionary socialism, other good stuff. We have an activist
orientation. There is no paper membership, unlike DSA.

Several Solidarity comrades work with Labor Notes, but Labor Notes is not
affiliated with or in any way controlled by Solidarity.

We are not reformist if that means that we accept capitalism and want to
make it work better or that we think that capitalism can be transformed
into socialism, and should be, by exclusively parlaimentary means. Like
all serious socialists, Solidarity comrades work for reforms like no
striker replacement, extending abortion rights, and so forth.

Our main publication is Against the Current, available from the ATC office
(shared with Solidarity) at 7012 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48210. I am
sure that if you write the office they will send you some lit and put you
in touch with fraternal types in Canada.


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