PERU: The Tale of Killing "Leftists"

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                        The Malaise of the Old Left

A handful of U.S. supporters of the minuscule revisionist group
United Left of Peru (Deborah Poole, Troskyte Martin Kopel,
Spalding) along with other pro-Fujimori activists (Jose & Gerardo
Renique, Robin Kirk, Orrin Stern, Morales) have launched a well
orchestrated campaign of slanders against the young
revolutionaries of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). To these US
"leftists" who have effectively abandoned the struggle for
socialism or have reduced the commitment to socialism to a
whisper, revolution is a sinister force. It is particularly
disturbing that their well financed disinformation campaign in
the United States is being spread by Monthly Review Press and

This shows that the satanization of revolutionaries is not the
prerogative of the ruling class(es) but it is more effective if
its dirty job is done by pseudo-leftists. These are the same
people whose practice of varnishing reality in the tradition of
their glorifications of Gorbachev, "new thinking,"
"democratization," and "human rights," have cheered and applauded
the capitulation and treachery of several revolutions in Latin
America. In some cases, they have trafficked or profited
themselves from the effects of civil war such as the plea of
refugees coming to this country (the case of Robin Kirk with the
plea of Salvadorean refugees in the U.S.).

The teachings of Lenin on phony "leftists" must not be forgotten:
"The opportunists are bourgeois enemies of the proletarian
revolution, who in peaceful times carry on their bourgeois work
in secret, concealing themselves within the workers' parties,
while in times of crisis, they immediately prove to be open
allies of the entire united bourgeoisie, from the conservative to
the most radical and democratic part of the latter, from the
free-thinkers to the religious and clerical sections. Anyone who
has failed to understand this truth after the events we have gone
through is hopelessly deceiving both himself and the workers."
[Lenin, What is Next? Vol. 21] This fits like a glove to Kopel
and his Trotskyite group Socialist Workers Party and all those
who falsify Marxism, first to become allies of all exploiters,
and later, exploiters themselves. The latter tendency is most
common in the US, where phony "communists" run big businesses
themselves. What moral right do they have to criticize the PCP?
A Party that is leading a real revolution for almost 16 years
years against a powerful enemy that has full backing of U.S.

With respect to Peru, the message these scoundrels try to sell is
clear: the PCP has destroyed grassroots groups working for social
change. Thw PCP kills "lefties." Apparently they are referring to
the peasant and urban paramilitary groups (reminescent of the
Phoenix Pacification Program of Vietnam days, also in Guatemala
in the 80's) that were organized by the Army that indeed were
crippled by the actions of the PCP's People's Army of Liberation.
However, they admit (they couldn't hide it!) the PCP commands a
vast organizational network among the poor as a real alternative
to state power. Also they can't deny that the formation of the
new power that is being concretized in thousands of people's
committees (some of them open) and support bases countrywide, are
the nuclei of New Democracy and legitimate representatives of
Peru's disenfranchised and poor majority. They can't deny the
ideological and military contributions by the PCP to the World
Proletarian Revolution: The introduction of the successful
linkage of the masses who along the and urban guerrilas carried
out the Armed Strike in the cities, the liberated areas through
People's Committees, the militarization of the Communist Party,
and the characterization of Bureaucratic Capitalism for poor
countries in Latin America.

What do they say about land distribution and self-sustaining
agricultural production by the people's committees in PCP-
dominated territory? They are unable to explain it. Instead of
recognizing the benefits of the New Power in the countryside,
they overlook or denounce it. They repeat the fiction told by
Degregori (one of the regime's Sendero watchers) and other
reactionary scholars in the U.S. that young people use
revolutionary authority "out of resentment" to "take reprisal
against their parent's enemies."  And the forced resignation of
local authorities linked to the national police and subordinated
to the Peruvian Armed Forces is presented as a PCP plot to
destroy "democracy."

The enemies of the revolution "inform us" that all development
agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Peru have
come under direct central government control in order to foster
export-fueled growth. Nevertheless, they don't say the fact that
many political parties, including most of the tiny revisionist
groups they support (United Left), exist almost entirely thanks
to the aid from such development agencies and NGOs (many funded
by USAID), diverting popular struggle into patronage politics, in
service to foreign capitalist interests. The PCP is accused of
"creating tensions" in Peruvian society, of "infiltrating unions"
and opposing efforts of conciliation with the State. Strikes and
demonstrations that go beyond single-issue concerns are
considered "ultra-left." The failure of irrelevant Left Unity
electoral parties (the loyal opposition) to retain popular
support, according to them, is a result of unfortunate internal
splits. Readers must be informed about the real causes of the
collapse of the United Left in Peru: corruption, political
opportunism/cooptation (United Left supported and joined the
regimes of Garcia and Fujimori), ideological confusion (some of
their leaders, legislators and mayors were brazenly reactionary),
negation of class struggle, the abandonment of virtually
everything Leftist except the name.

They call "provocateurs" the victims of massacres perpetrated by
the regime against political prisoners and against villagers
accused of supporting the revolution. In 1990 some Troskyte
groups and America's Watch Robin Kirk [of course based on fisrt
information spread by the Voice of the Americas] spread the rumor
that most of the PCP leaders were women because the Army has
killed their husbands! In 1991 they falsely claimed that the
offensive in Lima was because the PCP had already been defeated
by the paramilitary peasant rondas in the countryside
(psychological warfare used by the Peruvian Army at the time,)
and after the capture of PCP's Chairman Gonzalo, Kirk wrote in
the Nation, "Sendero is defeated." None of these assertions are
true. The reality has buried her wishes. These anti-communists
invent their own rationale to justify the genocide(s) of PCP
political prisoners in the jails of Cantogrande and Santa Monica:
"They (the prisoners) provoke it to gain support among family
members of the dead and disappeared."

PCP's military actions in the early 1980's focused on securing
arms from military installations with few fatalities. The first
military contingent of the PCP was an army of unarmed youngsters.
Yet Poole criticizes the Belaunde government for not sending
troops into the central sierra immediately to stop the "spread of

Armed actions of the PCP are presented as acts of "banditry"
against innocent civilians. They as well as the State Department
try to foul the people on the existence of a "middle" ground in
which innocent people are caught between the violence of the PCP
and the Army and the only solution is  "democracy" and
"elections," and thus mantain the status quo of the rotten state.

They implore the PCP to sell the revolution for an empty promise
of "human rights," and a "plate of beans" for its leaders, just
as it was done in Central America. Thus, they attempt to
misinform on this hard reality: the existence of a powerful
Communist Party of Peru and People's Army with the overwhelming
support of the masses. How about the revolutionary justice
claimed by the people? The liberals can't understand the
existence of a popular demand for punishment (even executions) in
a society as rotten to the core such as Peru, especially in the
case of selected executions of municipal officials working hand-
in-hand with the Army, after advance warning by the guerrillas,
and who may have been grassroots leaders at one time (even vocal
leftists) but who went over to the side of the government as
civil war escalated, engaging in fraud, corruption, repression
and betrayal of constituents. The process is well known through
which village rondas (self-defense patrols against landlords'
thieves) became converted by the government (with the consent of
Left Unity leaders) into counterinsurgency forces or into
paramilitary forces controlled by drug traffickers. In fact,
Peru's General Arceniaga is vigorously defended by Poole against
U.S. accusations that he was soft on drugs, and after he was
caught red-handed delivering cocaine while going relentlessly
against subversives, even though General Arceniaga and troops
under his command systematically killed, "disappeared," raped and
bombed villagers [where is their hypocrtitical call for respect
of human rights?]

In general, the apologists of the Peruvian government are
adamantly opposed to a systematic restructuring of Peru's
political system, and accuse the current leadership of the PCP of
misrepresenting the teachings of its founder Jose Carlos
Mariategui, Marx, Lenin and Mao, in their call for a
peasant/worker alliance in the development of armed struggle to
overtrown the state.

There is no factual basis behind any of their characterization of
the People's War in Peru, since they ignore the ideology of the
Party, the organizational and educational efforts of the PCP
(recognized even by US counterintelligence as the principal
strength of the Peruvian revolutionaries.) State violence,
according to them, is regarded as necessary to contain the "evil
violence" of revolution, and to insulate the murderous
"democratic" regime of Fujimori, --the Army is on its own to
kill-- they scream: "the people are caught in the middle."
Moreover, on the two factions of the Peruvian army that compete
each other in the business of murdering people with death squads,
Kirk and Poole maintain: "These are the good generals (democrats)
vs. the bad generals (authoritarians)," the crimes against
hundreds of political prisoners murdered by Fujimori and his
predecessor Garcia are only "excesses of democracy" that were
provoked by the victims! add the nauseam: "the PCP kills leftists."
The malaise of the old fake-left doesn't hold ground.

The People's War is invencible!

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