In Defense of Marxism

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[Editor's Note. From the document Report to the III Plenum of the
Communist Party of Peru (PCP)]


The reactionaries say it is totalitarian: Let us see what
Chairman Mao said in "On the People's Democratic Dictatorship",
see who benefits the most: the people and the class. Let us sweep
away the trifling double talk of "totalitarianism", this old tale
imperilaists and reactionaries use to confuse the people. Let us
show the benefits of socialism, the advantages the people had
during its short experience in the ex-USSR and China. What about
the reactionaries, what do the bourgeoisie give to the people?

They proclaim non-partisanship, which aims to dissolve the
politics of the working class, the proletariat, and seek only to
keep bourgeois politics. To impose their policies, they don't
even need political parties any longer, see how they kill
everywhere. Our politics require bold efforts to be spread and be
ingrained in the people and our concerted actions to conquer

  ON THE QUESTION OF MARXISM. The bourgeoisie is so decrepit that
it does not attack Marxism directly, rather they return to ideas
from two Centuries ago, trying to rehabilitate ultra-reactionary
itellectuals, fools like de Tocqueville, a rose-tinted version of
the North American bourgeois dictatorship. This is a complete
pastime, they say Marxism is obsolete and it doesn't work, but
they don't attack it openly. When have they found a basis for
this? Apprentices and charlatans like Duhring and the other pack
of plunderers of Marxism have boasted about it, but no one has
ever proven the obsolescence of Marxism.

In synthesis, we must make a defense of Marxism, socialism, the
dictatorship of the proletariat, the Party, seeing the great
things they have generated, whose interests they serve, and
counterpose them to the interests served by capitalism,
imperialism, the bourgeois dictatorship, the parties. We are not
living in ambiguous times. The advance of the revolution requires
violent struggles for big ruptures. Chairman Mao said: "Only a
great chaos can generate a new order". We have had insufficient
chaos, we must generate more, do it at the level of ideas, moving
ideas is vital to shape public opinion, without this we cannot
conquer power.
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