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IMPERIALISM.  We must see Lenin's thesis that imperialism is
monopolist, parasitical, and in its death throws and that it is the
last phase, is like a cancer.  We must see Chairman Mao's thesis
that imperialism is a paper tiger; where is the USSR?  It was also
a paper tiger. We must understand the law of imperialism and the
law of the people. People do not need imperialism, this plague is
not needed.

One problem is to aim to see how empires sank and to understand how
imperialism and the great empires collapse, the existing states,
see how the USSR burst.  This was a social-imperialist power with
a mask, we saw how a giant with feet of clay burst apart.  The
collapse of systems happens over long periods of time, they must be
understood as unburied corpses.  They have a moment of recuperation
before even steeper declines and until their total extinction or
crushing.  If may elapse many years after they are swept away and
reappear in other conditions; Spain, for example, it has recovered
in the capitalist order but it had sunk before.  It is a long but
inevitable agony.  We can look into history to understand this

The current state of the big imperialists, the current economy of
imperialism after World War II, is undergoing a serious problem.
For example, the United States (USA): How can this country uses a
quarter of its budget to pay the interest [on the debt]?  It is
parasitical, and every day more so.  It has $4 trillion in debt,
$700 billion as foreign debt, its production is in recession, it
has a massive unemployment with millions of people who work only to
put the food on the table. It is a rotten giant with feet of clay.

The German economy is trapped in the incorporation of East Germany;
it cannot digest what it has swallowed.  Japan has serious
problems; for example, its finances, severe recession, and
investments (inmobiliarias). It is not the way they portray it.

We must see the unchecked and relentless manner in which they
launch their new policy of collusion and friction.  The areas of
domination and influence frequently intertwine and frictions have
already began. Germany and Japan have to militarize rapidly; we
said this before and it turned out to be right. The Japanese
military budget is increasing.  For example, Japan has a
minesweeper in the [Persian] Gulf and it doesn't want to withdraw
it. Japan is desperate to be recognized as a power, and for this
reason it developed great power politics.  It is galloping to
become a military power and it tangles with other powers and
clashes with the oppressed.  We see contradictions, powers,
superpowers, readjustments, modifications and problems with the
Third World, which show that the privileges they enjoy are all
tinsel (oropel), rubbish (hojaresca), and smoke. Their parasitical
actions have caused dead in Africa and has brutalized people in
Asia.  Because of the policies of imperialism, there are 15 million
children who die each year in the world to the benefit and greed of
the big magnates in the US (not the people of the US.)  We must
unmask how vile they are. It is clear how they are sinking in a
long death agony, in their inevitable death, their thievery,
collusion and contention. These are times of great bellicose
clashes.  They stoke nationalism to serve their interests. The
scramble for the Caucasus began in Central Asia and extended to
Mongolia; but their aim tis he Third World, which is every day more
exploited and oppressed.  They achieved some victories with the
disintegration of the USSR, proclaiming their "victory" have
presented it as a "revolution", when it was actually the Eastern
European counter-revolution.  All of this put the ideas of
neoliberalism, pragmatism, and bourgeois democracy up in the
clouds.  Their purpose was to secure the greatest exploitation, to
devour as rapidly as possible the gains made by those states over
decades of this century.  The concentration and dispossession,
starting with the movement to expropriate, are under the charge of
a handful of magnates who seek to impose their bourgeois democratic
system through blood and fire.  They developed the great power
politics and denied the sovereignty of nations. There is a tendency
to collude themselves under the lead of Yankee imperialism to
subjugate the oppressed nations. There are clear indications of
this policy in Iraq, the threats against North Korea, the
aggression against Cuba.  What they are scheming will not only be
implemented by the USA, but it will involve a group of superpowers
and lackeys that seek loot. They will attack Cuba and dream and
plot about attacking Korea. They will continue to wage military
blackmail against the oppressed nations.  But this plundering will
generate a reaction. It generates the development of the national
struggles.  The crisis that grips the imperialist countries will
lead to the awakening of the proletariat, which cannot remain as
lethargic as in Europe. The problem is that the oppressed nations
are the key, the base, the very foundation of the anti-imperialist

There is one main problem: that revolution is the principal
historical and political tendency; we must show it. Contradiction
unfolds progress, the majority are for progress, achieving basic
living conditions and human development in accordance with the
advances of the times.  Lenin said in 1913 that the masses don't
want to keep living on conditions that don't correspond to the 20th
Century.  According to economic overviews of the 1950s and 1975, it
was concluded that a fabulous wealth is being generated; there are
specific conditions to live better, and the masses cannot coexist
in the world in subhuman conditions, in contrast with the colossal
wealth and waste.

The world has to advance; progress, development and the revolution
are the historical tendency.  For that reason the bourgeoisie and
petty-bourgeois lackeys uphold the negation of progress,
development, and advancement.  They say that these are erroneous
and bourgeois ideas. A bourgeois idea is to believe in progress as
a bourgeois development with the mere passage of time.  We conceive
progress as a consequence of revolutionary transformation of the
class struggle that generates more advanced classes and a more
combatant people.  History has a tendency that goes towards broader
freedom for man.  This is undeniable, but it is denied claiming
these are pseudo-Marxist ideas.  However, a contradiction between
the new and old exists, and this generates the concept that
revolution is the principal tendency.  Let us review the editorial
from Peking Review in May, 1976: "The new always triumphs; the
struggle between the new and the old is a form of contradiction."
Chairman Mao said that the road is tortuous, but the future is
brilliant.  Either this contains a contradiction, a reality, or it
is a contrivance of brilliant phrases.  Nothing follows a straight
path, there are always contradictions.  Two things contend and tug,
for that reason the path is zigzagged; the flow of the rivers
whether turbulent or laminar goes through nooks and whirlpools; it
overcomes them and reaches the sea.  These are material realities;
rivers are matter.

We must see how in the development of our people, they were reduced
from more than 10 million to 2 million.  Now we have grown and the
entire country is tinged with mestizaje from which we are proud of.
<trans. Mixed race>

Historically and politically, revolution is the principal tendency,
the other tendency [counterrevolution] is a temporary reversal.
When there are problems, pessimism is generated, people say "so
much struggle and for what?", but what has been done is never lost.

There is contention between the positive and negative, because the
new is superior, it imposes itself.  We must see the contradiction,
the history, the interests of the masses which will define their
future, the socialist future, or one shackled to a master, to
imperialism.  We must see and understand what the masses want.
Their socialist future or their survival under a imperialist. To
see what the masses want, will define their historical and
political consciousness.

Central Committee, Communist Party of Peru.
Peru, March 1992

[Note: Transcribed from the Report by President Gonzalo;
corrections pending. Translation into English by Peru People's
Movement (MPP)]

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