Patents in market socialism

boddhisatva kbevans at
Fri Feb 2 00:23:27 MST 1996


	What is wrong with an inventor keeping patent rights for his own?
First, they run out after a time (an apparent recognition by capitalists that
a single person's contribution, no matter how seemingly important, is
obscured by later work), second most patents are owned by firms in which
inventors work.  Where is the exploitation in owning a patent?  So long as
the patent is not perpetual, it seems to me that it is simply a case of an
inventor selling the intellectual component of a product to the producer.

	I think private property and wages are separate (although related)
questions.  Wages can be done away with without a complete attack on private
property.  The logic of doing away with private property would naturally and
dialectically follow.



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