Lenin and internationalism

Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Fri Feb 2 16:04:25 MST 1996

Louis and Jeff and those who are witnessing the 'debate'

This is the first time I have seen a 'debate' between two people I
know. Well I don't really know either of you. I've met Jeff a coupla
times (he may not remember me - you probably said something like
"would you like a copy of socialist worker" and I probably replied
"no thanks, I subscribe" which you probably didn't believe, but its
true. As an aside, I subscribe to the whole jungle of leftist
publications under a false name with a post office box, so that I
don't get the moonies, sorry, the healyites turning up at my house
for a socialist chat about whether I think trotsky or stalin picked
their nose in a correct way)

And, well, if you've been on this list for any lenght of time, you
feel like you know Louis 'no applesauce for me' Proyect.

Someone wrote recently that Louis acts as some sort of lightning rod
for peoples' neuroses. This is happening with Jeff.

Two egos collide! The revolutinary movement goes nowhere. Forget it
Jeff. And Lou, you probably agree with him more than it appears...
And jeff, you don't need to prove your 'cred' by taking on Lou - it
demeans you.

Good luck to both of you and all of us. More political and
theoretical polemic for clarity, less breast beating and point
scoring! Down with bacon rind!

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