Resignation of all co-moderators (fwd)

zodiac zodiac at
Fri Feb 2 09:30:03 MST 1996

Step away from this list for a few days, and I miss the antics of my favorite
Marxist mental patient, Rootin' Tootin' Jerry Levy -- whom I earlier
awarded the celebrated Net.loon Award, with a complimentary mail order
Mannlicher-Carcano and detailed map of all the local bell and clock

You need a _girlfriend_, Jerry. I mean, do you ever peel your ass off that
chair? Or see human beings? You live by that monitor, don't ya? ... Get
outside. Get some fresh air. Realize how petty and insignificant your actions
in relation to this mailing list are in the larger scheme of things.

However... don't change too soon. I figure to write a few articles about you
for that series on mental health and mailing lists I'm slowing building. Part
1 was recently published. (I can email it to anyone who would like a copy.)

Your devoted fan,


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