Colin Powell as Bonapartist

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Feb 2 09:54:30 MST 1996

On 2 Feb 1996, Jon Flanders wrote:

>   It does seem to me that various forms of bonapartism will become more
> popular. The simple, classless formulas of a Forbes or a Perot resonate with a
> worker who simply wants to live normally, reserving complex analyis for the
> latest NFL contest. I have told my co-workers more than once that when they
> start apply their analytical skills to their economic and political situation
> with the same zest and insight they display on Mondays around the coffee pot
> between track 3 and 4, the hour of liberation will be at hand.

Louis: Interesting comments from the real world. Noam Chomsky once
remarked on the uncanny ability of the working man to apply his intellect
to the ins and outs of professional sports, while simply ignoring more
pressing political matters.

I listen to a talk radio sports station from time to time and am amazed
at the concentration people can muster on subjects like the fate of the
NY Knicks.

Is Adorno correct, I wonder? Is professional sports just a capitalist
plot to keep the masses dumbed down? Maybe there's something to this.

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