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Fri Feb 2 12:55:01 MST 1996

 >> Is professional sports just a capitalist
 plot to keep the masses dumbed down? Maybe there's something to this. <<

  It goes without saying that there is. I usually include pornography in my
occasional harangues on the subject in the shop. My point partly is that
workers have the smarts to analyze things, they simply shy away from politics
because of the sense of danger that lies in that direction.

  This brings us back to Bonapartism. The "rise above class" appeal is less
threatening than a class analysis. If the man on a white horse can solve
things, then there will be no need to confront the boss and state power ones
self. Workers have an instinctive sense, based on personal knowledge, that the
consequences could be dire if there is a real square-off. Its only natural to
long for something  safer.

   When you think about it, couldn't there be a bonapartist aspect to the
Super Bowl? I usually watch the opening minutes, and am struck by the excess
of patriotism poured all over it. Then this year, we had ex-Penthouse model
Vanessa Williams crooning the national anthem like some torch song in an
erotic thriller. A kind of convergence of the two great working class

 Best, Jon Flanders

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