Resignation of all co-moderators (fwd)

Chegitz Guevara mluziett at
Fri Feb 2 19:33:01 MST 1996

	You know what the supreme irony is here? That the whole moderator
issue isn't one. The moderator has absolutely *NO* authority on this list.
They can't censor, edit, boot, or otherwise control anything about this
list, except that maybe they know who to contact if the machine acts a
little whacky. JERRY HAS WON NOTHING! Louis will still be as much of a
chegitz as I am, more actually. ;) Brian, Chris, and Lisa will still put
in their two cents when they feel like, and Jerry will still act like a 5
year old.

And Marxism will go on. . . .

Can we get on with it now?

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