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Sat Feb 3 07:01:31 MST 1996

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Scott Marshall wrote:
> Cleveland. Here was an arogant rich asshole just pulling up stakes and
> leaving (again). Actually the leftist involved managed to turn the anger
> into channels about unfair tax breaks, public ownership and general anger
> about corporate greed and arbitrary power. Several unions also got involved.
> BTW - Many don't know that the Green Bay Packers are municipally owned.
> Green Bay is the smallest US city to support a professional team and team
> revenues contribute to lowering city taxes.

	But the problem with arranging the Green Bay deal for Cleveland is
that Green Bay had this done in the 1950s under special circumstances. The
NFL will likely never allow an arrangement like that to happen again.

	Already rumors are going around Cleveland talk shows that the
NFL's new deal to give a loan to Cleveland to build a stadium for
expansion teams is going to include, uhh: personal seat licensing. For
those not familiar with sports personal seat licenses (or PSLs) force a
fan who wishes to purchase season tickets to shell out between 3-6,000
dollars even before paying the money to buy the tickets. PSLs have been
used in St. Louis, and will be used in Baltimore to raise money, and
effectively lock a whole lot of people out of season tickets.

	Its rumored that most of the lower deck with be sold as PSLs,
though the high deck will remain. Unfortunately this action penalizes the
people who are paying for the stadium with a sin tax, parking tax, rental
tax, and emissions tax which the city of Cleveland has passed to raise

	So now football in Cleveland may join much of the NHL, and NBA as
unapproachable for most people besides going once or twice a year. In the
mean time I'll continue to support our ECHL minor-league hockey team, and
the Cleveland Indians at $8 a ticket.

Cols, Oh

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