The Song of the Solipsist

boddhisatva kbevans at
Sat Feb 3 09:40:08 MST 1996

		Mr. Levy,

	Fools rush in..., however, I have something to say to you.  As a
person who has been taunted by Mr. Proyect I have felt, perhaps, the way you
do, for about 8 seconds.  Then, I either think of something taunting to
include in my next post on a subject he is interested in, or I ignore him.  I
do both of these for my own amusement, because this list is for that purpose.
 Informative amusement, certainly, amusement of a deep intellectual nature,
as much as possible, amusement pursuant to cognitive epiphany, amusement
pursuant to activism, amusement pursuant to academic progress, devoutly hoped
for, amusement pursuant to revolution, AMEN!, but amusement nonetheless.

	But let's face it, people here live the life of the mind, and they
get wrapped up in these debates, and more's the glory.  They feel compelled
to flame, and fume, and proclaim and write letters of resignation, about
subjects that you couldn't get most people to listen to for 5 minutes.
Hallelujah !!

	So, Mr. Levy, feel free to address your protests to me.  Rail on,
declaim injustice, defame the evildoers who tie our lady of intellectual
debate to the tracks of sectarian cults of personality.  I want to hear the
issues.  I want to know your opinions on them.  I can't promise I'll address
them to your satisfaction, but who can?  The life of a revolutionary is a
lonely life, fraught with misunderstanding and disrespect.  If you're right
you're a troublemaker, if you're wrong, a fool.  I'm not here just to read
the minutiae of a bunch of anal-retentive academics, or to be bullied by heavy
handed activists and ideologues, but to do both, and more.  I sit here,
watching from a distance as a chaotic drama of the human mind unfolds before
me.  Author!  Author!

	But realize, please sir, that we are living (like the character
"Dennis" in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - whom you remind me so much of)
in a very anarcho-syndicalist world here on the Net, and any attempts to
enforce order must be universal, or they are moot.   I won't repress you.  I
see the violence inherent in the system.  I feel your pain, if briefly.

	If, sir, you run too far off the track of reason, I may not be able
to partake of the effervescent issue of your intellect, as my mental
digestion is troublesome, and I may require stiller water.  If you fall to
cruelty or slander, I may cluck and wag a finger.  Other than that feel free,
and know that I am out there in the audience.  I paid for the ticket, and I'm
satisfied to see the whole show.



p.s. - Due to the expansiveness of this missive, I may feel compelled to
curtail correspondence otherwise provoked by Levy-centric issues.

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