Boys and girls come out to play

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Sat Feb 3 18:35:20 MST 1996

As a life long educationist I have been extremely interested in a report
in The Green Left Weekly (DSP i.e. American SWP) about the recent
performances of girls in schoold examinations in NSW Australia.

Briefly the girls whipped the boys.

"Of the students completing the Higher School Certificate (HSC) in NSW in
1995, female students returned an average score of 54.04 out of 100
comapred to 46.15 for male students; young women also made up 58% of the
top 5000 students; and of the 13 to receive perfect scores of 100, nine
were women." (T.Corcoran, GLW, Jan 24:12)

What is especially interesting about this is the response of the media.
No one has advanced the explanation that girls are born smarter than
boys.  No way. Here by sharp contrast with the I.Q. debate the emphasis
is all on environmental factors.  The favourite explanantion appears to
be that feminists have bullied educators into ignoring boys!

Few people have advanced an hypothesis which is linked to the way boys
are constructed.  What we are seeing with these results is surely the
result of the encouragement of anti-intellectualism among boys.



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