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Sat Feb 3 20:28:45 MST 1996

Carlos.>> I think is an important thread.  Immigration has become a center
point and springbboard of right wing politics.  Fascists has pushed the issue
very hard in Europe and they achieved a movement of all
 bourgeois parties to deal with it.  In other words: Le Pen, the
 German skinheads, the National front in Britain et al maybe not
 a significant political force as yet. <<

   I think that the only pro-working class position on immigration controls is
to oppose them and support full citizenship and labor rights for immigrants. I
have been involved in many a work-place argument about this and have found
that taking a very sharp stand is defensible and understandable. I don't say
that most agree with me when the dust settles, but at least the lines are
clear and worker's interests are defined properly.

   Illegal and legal is one of the worst divisions within the working class. I
find using the Native American and Chicano examples pretty effective in
countering all the bs about legality. Who is here legally(in the USA) anyway?

 Best, Jon Flanders

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