PERU: The Tale of Killing "Leftists"

CEP iwp.ilo at
Sun Feb 4 20:27:56 MST 1996

>    Carlos:
>    Not, in politics is not enough.  You need to clearly state if you
>    support or not the criminal rump gang of the Senderistas who
>    other leftists without proof of being guilty, without a trial,
>    without a possibility of defending themselves. Silence, my dear,
>    even in the name of friendship, in a case like this, is tantamount
>    to be an accomplice.
>Only practice can show whether it is a good thing or not.
>If the Sendera win the war the presumption will have to be that
>it is a good thing to kill rival leftists. If they do not win
>the presumption will go the other way.

    That's called pragmatism. Politics read different for me.  A
    murderer of leftists is a murderer and again a murderer.  No
    amount of success can change that.  On the other hand, write
    this down. Shiny Shit will never succeed.

    Comradely, Carlos

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