PERU: The Tale of Killing "Leftists"

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Sun Feb 4 21:45:38 MST 1996

> " you are with the revolution" or "against the revolution". In
  the case of the Shining Path,
> it is pretty clear that anybody who is not in their ranks or cheering
> them on is "against the revolution". Since they are "at war", this
> apparently gives them the license to kill ideological opponents.
> This is an outright lie! The People's Army of Liberation nor the
  organizations (political and military) generated kill political
  opponents, as a matter of fact the majority of participants in the
  People's War are members of the PCP -for your information thare are
  several groups working with the PCP as revolutionary fronts-
  that's the reason why several lawyers, medical doctors, religious
  people (evangelics), journalists, are being arrested in Peru. There
  are local problems that require fronts and coalitions.
  The PCP has never kill anyone for being an ideological opponent.
  There have been cases of very selective executions of individuals
  who were in MAS (a group involved in counterinsurgency with the regime
  and the security services in forming anti-PCP paramilitary,
  that have developed lists of subversives who were drag from their
  homes and later disappeared by the death squads. With those, the Party
  has been very drastic e.g., Moyano)
  The 1992-1995 CIA fact makes the allegation that the PCP kills
  ideological opponents. Louis is that your source?

> I am opposed to killing ideological opponents. Period.
> I am too. The PCP is too.
> On Sat, 3 Feb 1996, Paul Cockshott wrote:
> > Louis
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> > What is your concept of socialist legality? How does one establish the
> > guilt of somebody accused of being a police agent? Does the Shining Path
> > allow the accused to have an attorney?
> > Paul
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> > War is not a question of rights but of expediency. Restraint in
> > war arises only when it is expedient to show it.
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