PERU: The Tale of Killing "Leftists"

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Sun Feb 4 21:28:39 MST 1996

> Louis:
> I plan on attending this:
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> Mariategui and the Origins of Latin American Marxism
> two lectures by Gerardo Renique
> Thursday, February 8 at 8 pm
> and Wednesday, February 21 at 8 pm
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> OK. Deborah Pooley of The New School wrote the book for Renique.
  The reason why this book is being totally ignored by the "U.S. Sendero
  Watchers" is that it does not provide sources. The quotations of
  President Gonzalo, the leader of the Peruvian revolution, is grotesque
  and fraudulent. What is the source? The real issue is not competition
  of the PCP with other "left" forces, you don't compete with something
  that is politically irrelevant -the PCP compete for power for the
  people it leads with the Army and its backer U.S. imperialism.
  In the early 80's the IU has political presence, by 1990 it collapsed.
  They did not collapse because the PCP has killed these "poor leftists" but
  because corruption, political opportunism/cooptation, (IU leaders have
  joined dictators such as Garcia and Fujimori in elections -that's a fact),
  ideological confusion (some of the IU leaders, legislators and leaders
  were brazenly reactionary), negation of class struggle, the abandonment
  of virtually everything Leftist except the name. Poole's book (or
  Renique's) is a collection of half truths, partial quotes and slander,
  the worst thing is that it tries to purports to be from a Marxist
  perpective. She repetadly goes on with, "Guzman says", "Sendero says",
  yet at no point are these quotes attributed. Fortunately enough for all
  the honest communist, revoltionaries and progressives in the world,
  The New Flag is undertaking the task of publishing for the first time
  in English, the First Volume of the Works of President Gonzalo,
  a 1,000 page book that will be a contribution of the PCP to
  the World Proletarian Revolution.

>  This is metaphysics. This quote was forged. The class contradiction
   between the big bourgeoissie and the proletariat in Peru is
   antagonistic. Based on the thesis of Mariategui, the first
  stage of the revolution being carried in Peru is Democratic (it means
  that the petty bourgeoissie and the peasatry are participating in the
  People's War. The interests of the national bourgeoissie at this stage
  are respected), then the socialist revolution will take place under
  the leadership of the proletariat.
  See on Contradiction by Chairman Mao.

> "Guzman departs from the Marxist-Leninist tradition in assuming that all
> contradiction is antagonistic...
  Where he got this one? No document of the PCP shows this assertion.

> The inevitable outcome of the armed struggle will
> be a society from which all antagonism, contradiction and difference has
> been purged; it will be what Guzman calls the 'society of great harmony'.
> According to Chairman Gonzalo:
  Obviously if you depart from a wrong analysis, it will lead you to a
  wrong conclussion. I don't dispute it, but the quote was fabricated
  (this is not rare in Peru, senderologists such as Degregori and Gonzales
  -whose works are lenghtly cited by Poole and Renique- have done that),
  in one chapter of the book there is a mention that "El Diario" says,
  then you go to footnotes and list Degregori's book.
  I understand that you don't post this in bad faith. But should
  investigate before making an allegation -"no investigation, no right
  to speak." We are willing to provide you the philosophycal writings
  of Chairman Gonzalo at no charge -but mailing costs should be provide
  by you-

> This quote seems to be accurate. I belive it is in the speech by
  Gonzalo: "For the New Flag", we have it in English.
  It is interesting to note that Poole's book throw fake quotes
  along with a few accurate quotes. Deliberate or ignorance??
  Then, what is for you Communism?

> 'communism [is] the only and unsubstitutable new society, without
> exploited or exploiters, without oppressed or oppressors, without
> classes, without the State, withou parties, without democracy, withou
> wars. [It is] the society of great harmony, the radical and definitely
> new society towards which fifteen billion years of matter in movement, of
> that part which we know as eternal matter, is directed necessarily and
> irrepressibly, [and] to which humanity must arrive only by passing
> through the highest expression of the class struggle...and [through] the
> shadow of the rifles of the invincible people's war.'"
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