PERU: The Tale of Killing...

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Mon Feb 5 09:29:15 MST 1996

On Sun, 4 Feb 1996 Godenas at wrote:

> Louis, your statement that the PCP considers anyone "who is not in their
> ranks [or] cheering them on" as an "enemy" is ridiculous in the extreme.  You
> then go on to to state [piously, in my view] that you are opposed to the


"One one side, [there is] the fascist government...its right-wing, centre
and left-wing allies [and] on the other side, the PCP-SL, the
working-class, the peasantry... There is not room for intermediate
positions. Either you side with the people and its struggles or you side
with the reaction and its repressive apparatus."
(From pro-Sendero newspaper, "El Diario")

Question: What does Sendero consider left-wing positions that are not
objectively pro-Fujimoro other than those held by Sendero itself. If I
move to Peru this week and put out a newspaper in Ayacucho calling the
Sendero "ultraleftist, sectarian, Stalinist, cultist fanatics", would
this be objectively pro-Fujimoro? Has Sendero ever published guidelines
on "politically correct" left positions? Is it politically correct to
state that the Moscow trials were a frame-up? Is it politically correct
to state that workers should lead a socialist revolution, and not
peasants? This would be helpful, wouldn't it? Rather than killing people
outright for having incorrect ideas, this would give them a chance to
conform to Sendero's beliefs.

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