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Mon Feb 5 11:27:29 MST 1996

Dear Louis:  You're right, of course, as far as you go.  My argument is that
you don't go very far.  Your insistent claim that the PCP "simply" kills its
enemy is "simply" wrong.  Your quote from El Diario  (and I don't know if
that's an authentic quote, but let's assume it is) means only that in Peru
there is, given the nature of the fetid state, as well as the revolutionary
forces opposed to it, there is no middle ground--in other words, there are no
positions "above" or "beyond" `the class positions one must necessarily take
in such a situation.  This does not mean in the slightest that those who take
positions on the side of Fujimori and foreign imperialism are automatically
targeted.  An important aim of the revolution is to win over large masses of
people who are still supporting to some degree the rotten old Peruvian
state--that is the essence of the "united front" that the PCP leads.  Small
business people, government workers, students, together with workers,
peasants, the vast army of unemployed, all join together in this great
communist-led insurgency which will, sooner or later, topple the
narco-government of Alberto Fujimori or its successor.  The early PCP
writings, in fact, are full of instances where the Central Committee has
condemned acts of terror committed by "revolutionaries" who have failed to
sink deep roots among the masses, as they have done.  This revolution that
has won a third of the population and fully 40% of the countryside is most definitively not an adventurous enterprise of the type you are
describing.  Why can't you see that?
                                                   Louis Godena

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