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    This is a call for all members of this list to sign a letter to
    the President of Argentina, Saul Menem demanding the freedom of
    Horacio Panario, a member of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS)
    in Argentina and a tradeunion leader.  The letter also demand that
    the government of Argentina will cease a campaign of repression
    against left wing political and tradeunion activists associated
    with the MAS, the Socialist Workers Movement (MST), Workers Party
    (PO); the Party of Labor and the People (PTP) and the Movement
    All for the Motherland (MTP).

    Presently, there are more than a dozen warrants for the arrest of
    members of those organizations for participating in working class
    demomnstrations and leading strikes for better wages and against
    the gubernamental plans of austerity.
    There are also 21 members of the MTP in jail.  They had been in

    prison for attacking a military garrison years ago when the

    military was revolting against the Constitutional government of

    then President Raul Alfonsin.

    It is worthy to note that succesive civilian governments had issued
    several laws "pardoning", "releasing" or "exculpating" the Armed
    Forces members involved in the so-called "dirty-war", waged by the
    military dictatorship (1976-1982).  The dirty war murdered 30,000
    political, union and community activists; jailed thousands upon
    thousands of others, including the most remarkable intellectuals
    and artists and many members of the families of murdered activists.

    During the dirty war, people was routinely "dissappeared" or held
    during years without charges being brought against them and/or
    without a trial.  Menem was followed suit and it is said that he
    is planning to declare a general anmesty.  This is the moment to
    demand for the left-wing prisoners and persecuted activists.  If
    the governments in Argentina are willing to let go some many

    military murderers ...

    Read the letter.  If you would like to sing it, please send your

    name, title (if you are an intellectual, tradeunion leader,etc)
    to : iwp.ilo at ix.netcom.com

    Text of the Letter:

    February 8, 1996

    President of the Republic of Argentina
    Saul Menem

    Mr. President:

    It was call to our attention that the government of Argentina,

    under your Presidency is holding prisoner Horacio Panario, a
    member of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) and a recognized
    tradeunion and community leader.

    We are also aware that warrrants for the arrest of a number of

    other tradeunionist and left activists were issued by your
    government.  The list of those ordered to be arrested include
    Oscar Martinez, Organizing Secretary of the Metalworkers Union
    (UOM) of the City of Rio Grande; Jorge Chiquay, Veronica Barriga,
    Gustavo Sandoval -- all members of the MAS -- and Hector

    Etchebaster of the Socialist Workers Movement (MST).

    The orders of capture also include the names of Jorge Vidal (a
    member of the Workers Party -- PO) and Mario Cambio of the
    Party of Labor and the People (PTP).

    All these activists are being persecuted by the government under
    your Presidency for participating in protests, strikes by workers
    and peaceful demonstrations.  There is also symptomatic that all
    of them belong to different left organizations.  It is important
    to note that all those organizations hold legal status in your
    country and that their activities had been characterized as legal
    and peaceful.

    We demand the immediate release of Mr. Panario and an immediate

    cease of the campaign of harrasment of tradeunion and left

    activists.  We demand the immediate annulment of all outstanding
    warrants for the arrest of the above-mentioned individuals and an
    strict respect for the legal rights of all legal, political parties
    of Argentina.



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