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Thu Feb 8 21:39:04 MST 1996

Has anyone on the list come across _Marxism and Science_
by Gavin Kitching (Penn State, 1994?).  If so, with
what thoughts?

In the blurb Kai Nielsen says this about it:

"This striking and very readable book should be
read not only by political scientists and philosophers
but far more widely by other scholars in the humanities
and social sciences as well as by the intellectual public
generally.  It perceptively articulates and defends a form
of Wittgensteinian Marxism and brilliantly criticizes the
scientism of much of classical Marxism which tries to model
Marxian theory on a realist picture of natural science.
Kitching argues that such a conception of Marxism is both
theoretically unsound and often politically pernicious."

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PS--For a really interesting account of what a 'materialist
theology' would look like, see Peter Scott, _Theology,
Ideology, and Liberation_ (Cambridge U. Press, 1994).
PPS--It is with great sadness that I report to the list the
death in Uruguay of Juan Luis Segundo SJ, IMO the very best
of the liberation theologians.  He was 70.

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