Chaiman Gonzalo's name

Bradley Mayer concrete at
Fri Feb 9 02:06:48 MST 1996

More from the bottomless well of maoist humor:

>Most supporters abroad call him "Chairman", that is also accurate,
>although his capture in combat ("the bend on the road") was a great
>lost to the International Communist Movement...(blah,blah..)

the bend on the road, indeed..

>I had a chance to see the so-called big five in the newspapers,
>and Comrade Stalin was among them.

Sitting side by side with Anglo-American imperialism, selling out the
workers at Yalta, but the young Chairman-to-be could only see "the
Comrade" up there with the big time, like those great searchlight images
of Stalin projected against the overcast Moscow sky....

				-Brad Mayer

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