Young Liberal Fascist (XII)

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Fri Feb 9 18:04:29 MST 1996

Kevin, there is a country called India is South Asia (pop. ca 800 million,
where, in the forties and fifties, the word of Stalin was practically deity.
 The same is true of what used to be called Indochina.  The Marxist movements
that develped in both Indonesia and the Philippine archipelego (both the PKP
and the CPP) owed much of their revolutionary theory to Stalin.  Like it or
not, Stalin was and remains a revolutionary source for much of humanity.
For those like yourself who are "organizing unions" (I've heard that one
before), you can stick with your garden variety AFL-CIO middle-management
types (now THERE'S a group that's doing a lot for the working class!).  I
dare say that critical analyses of Stalin and Lenin belong on the marxism at
least as much as Bernie Sanders, Jessie Jackson, and John Sweeney.
                                  Louis Godena

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