Buchanan a fascist?

ROSSERJB at jmu.edu ROSSERJB at jmu.edu
Sat Feb 10 12:48:18 MST 1996

     Since Louis Proyect is not currently on this list,
let me make his argument more fully.  He, if not others
on the marxism list in its fascism cyberseminar, has come
to the conclusion that true fascism only arises when the
capitalist system is in crisis.  According to him it is
a reaction to this crisis by the bourgeoisie, perhaps
with the petit b. as the leading element, but ultimately
being taken advantage of by the grand b. as well.
     According to him the US, is not in a state of crisis.
Therefore Buchanan cannot be a true fascist.  I leave it to
others to pass on the validity of this position.
Barkley Rosser

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