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Sun Feb 11 07:59:58 MST 1996

Louis, you are upset that I suggested that "Carlos" (who doesn't even use his
real name on this list), who throws out charge after charge against the
Peruvian revolution, who accuses others of  the worst crimes, including
murder, who urges others, in the worst McCarthyite fashion, to shun those
with whom he disagrees, who does all these things, and more, without a single
shred of evidence, might, just might, have motives other than those of
facilitating marxist debate.  I still believe that there is a good possiblity
that "Carlos", whoever he is, is playing the role of provocateur.  This is
far from unheard among those in freedom's land and bravery's home who dare
question prevailing orthodoxies.  Yes, it is true, Louis, that I prefer the
company of Adolfo Olaechea, under a "life sentence" in "absentia" (imposed by
"Carlos'" own Alberto Fujimori, who he has neglected to criticize once during
this thread), living hand to mouth, under constant threat of expulsion back
to certain imprisonment and probably death, to the company of my own union
"leadership," wallowing in their petty corruption, bought and paid for by the
very bosses who are their supposed "adversaries", unwilling to skip a meal,
 much less sacrifice anything for principle.  I would not trade Olaechea, or
one like him, for a thousand Jesse Jacksons, Bernie Sanders, and Paul
Wellstones, or, for that matter,  any other "leftist" you are currently
tailing.   And, yes, Louis, I find your own trajectory from sometimes
Trotskyite to housebroken social-democrat loathesome in the extreme.  You
obviously have learned nothing in more than thirty years of "hanging out" in
your "marxist" ivory tower.  I am still learning after only ten years in the
CPUSA, and expect to continue to do so far into the future.
                                        Louis Godena

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