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I thought I'd fill you in on some information re RCP-USA.  I was a member
from 1980 until I was expelled in 1993 after refusing to go along with their
increasingly un-Maoist way of operating.

CSRP (Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru) is in effect, a "wholly
owned subsiderary" of RCP.  RCP created this organization in the early 80's ,
recruited the national spokesperson of CSRP (Heriberto Ocasio) by means of
internal directives in the late 80's and aparently controls who may and may
not affiliate with CSRP.

For example, our Detroit group formally requested such affiliation in 1994.
 After talking with Detroit RCP, CSRP accused us of "misrepresenting
ourselves," spreading false rumors about a new chairperson of PCP, attacking
the RCP and various other offenses which Detroit RCP had accused us of.  When
we wrote a response refuting these charges, neither CSRP nor Detroit RCP ever
answered our letter, even when we contacted them each a second time to try to
get a response .

This refusal to deal with the issue is typical of how RCP operates.  A case
in point is that criticisms of their position on the People's War in Peru
have been put forward very openly, particularly by The New Flag, but also in
other ways: by postings on the internet, locally distributed flyers, at least
in Detroit, probably elsewhere.  They have not made any attempt to respond to
these criticisms.  They have not mentioned the fact that their position is
not accepted by other organizations in the RIM, or by other grups in the US
supportive of the People's War.  Far from being heroic or Maoist, they are
revisionist cowards.

The following are some thoughts on the issue of "Rally to the defense of our
red flag flying in Peru", which is the slogan raised by RCP and the
Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (or rather, the International
Committee of the RIM, which does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the
participating organizations in the Movement.  Bob Avakian, Chairman of the CC
of RCP is also reportedly the leader of this Committee of the RIM)

These thoughts were particularly in response to a translation I read of an
interview from La Republica magazine, a reactionary Peruvian publication,
where they interviewed Margie Clavo, who the RCP has promoted as an
unrepentant revolutionary who withstood torture after she was captured.
 However, her reputation among Peruvian revolutionaries living in this
country is that she has been a capitulator for some time.


What RCP-CoRIM (Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and the International
Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement) is doing with the
stuff around Margie Clavo aka Comrade Nancy is a COINTELPRO  thing, but on a
higher, more desperate and global level, bcause this isn't revolutionary
 organizing  in the ghetto, it's revolutionary war approaching victory.  And
RCP/CoRIM is playing along for it's own ends, if not directly co-operating
with this US/FujimoriCOINTELPRO scheme.

1.  Setting up their agent among the revolutionary forces: presenting Clavo
 as a promoter of People's War even after torture. The Revolutionary Worker
(RW; the weeklynewspaper of RCP) prints pictures of this, even  though the
MPP's have known Clavo is a capitulater and cooperator with police.

2.  Then this "unrepentant revolutionary" claims to have talked with Chairman
Gonzalo & he convinced her that "persisitance" was wrong:  that the correct
line is fight for peace negotiations (I guess IEC should declare a big
victory,  since according to Clavo, C.G. is not isolated anymore, but meets
regularly with her and other imprisoned  PCP leaders).

This is how the FBI and other political police set up snitches & provocateurs
in COINTELPRO:bust and brutalize their target very visibly  to give them
credibility among the revolutionary masses, then have them use that
credibility to turn things to the advantage of the pigs, whether it was
leading the people into a trap or ambush from which the snitch would be
spared, or using their influence to  prevent or  sabotage an action against
the old order (the  movie "Panther" dramatizes such tactics using the
 character played by Kadeem Hardiston)

3.  By accepting the original  set-up of Clavo as "unrepentant under
torture", the RW aided thissnitch scheme  of the Peruvian authorities.


1.  False "letters from the Panthers" were circulated in the late 60's,
letters that spoke ill of other leftist groups.  The goal was to disrupt
comradely relations & cooperation between the Panthers and these other

2.  The Peruvian pigs circulated letters & videos supposedly showing C.G.
 calling for ending the PW & negotiating with Fujimori.  The goal was to
disrupt the unity and fighting will within the PCP and People's Army and to
split the support of the masses, playing on pacifist sentiments that are
definitely out there - especially  among middle forces who live in
 imperialist countries.

3.  By claiming that even though the letters and videos are false, they have
had the desired effect of disrupting the unity of the PCP and Army ("they
gave rise to a 2-liine struggle within  PCP that continues today -2 1/2 years
later¨)  the RCP/CoRIM aids and promotes this demoralizing and splitting
effect that is the goal of Fujimori and U.S. imperialists

4.  Look at the facts:

a.)  by Oct. l993, the PCP had in fact defeated the "peace talks" line within
its own ranks and had united behind continuing the PW to victory.  Facts in
the real world show this, by the fact that the PW has not died down but is
continuing to advance.

b.)  look at the unity between what Clavo says in the "interview" printed in
La Republica and what RCP/CoRIM say in their 'A World To Win' publication:
that the PCP has not "split", but there is struggle within it over peace
talks vs. People's War, and that the (still undecided) outcome of this "2
line struggle" is the critical thing for people to be concerned about.  Even
though Clavo and RCP/CoRIM seem to be taking opposite sides in this "2LS", in
fact, they take the same side: they both give  legitimacy to the fraud that
there is disunity within the revolutionary forces in Peru over whether to
continue the PW - the fraud that serves the forces of reaction and U.S.

What is the stand of revolutionaries?  Victory to the People's War!  Prepare
the conquest of Power!  Oppose U.S. intervention, including their
Psychological Warfare that aims to erode support outside Peru and demoralize
the fighters in Peru.

What is the stand of CoRim  and RCP?  "Rally to the Defense"  "The US fraud
is having a big effect"  "Psychological Warfare - what's that?  All we see is
two-line struggle"("which we worship on paper, but suppress in practice if it
ever crops up in our members")

As to Clavo´s claim that she meets "regularly with Chairman Gonzalo" in
prison, there´s three possibilities:

     	1.)she´s lying;President Gonzalo is still in complete isolation and has
not caved in to theemands of the old regime.

	2.)She´s telling the truth: Pres. G. has caved in and taken a
capitulationist stand and therefore has been allowed to exert his influence
in this direction on the other PCP leaders in prison. (This is unlikely,
since if it were true, the Fujimori regime would surely be making more use of
it: putting Pres. G on TV in full view and with clear sound)

	3.) She´s telling half a truth:

	a.) maybe she and other "ïmprisoned leaders¨ are meeting with Pres. G, but
as part of the regime´s attempt to break him.
	b.) maybe they´ve gotten him to go along half'way, but not willing to go on
TV and publicly call for peace talks
	c.) whatever...

Whatever the real story is, the only reason the old regime would be
permitting people like Clavo to meet with Pres. G. would be as part of
promiting capitulation and demoralization.  For RCP CoRIM to fail to expose
this as vigorously as humanly possible is nothing less than their own
capitulaiton to imperialism and betrayal of the interests of the people of
Peru and the entire proletariat and oppressed peoples of the world.

!Avakianismo no es Maoismo!

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