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                      Shawgi Tell,possibly you could explain a few points to
me.Did the Soviet
 Union fall because they failed to adhere to Stalinist ideology?Do you
consider Stalins
 interpretation of Marxism Leninism to be separate and superior to all other
                       I ask these questions because I've never met anyone
willing to defend
 Stalin to the extent you do.
                       I work as an engineer aboard factory trawlers in the
Bering sea.I had
 the opportunity to go aborad Soviet trawlers.(this was before the collapse
of course.)
 The Russian engineers introuced us to the officers and pointed out what they
 the zampolit.I asked what a zampolit was ,and the loose translation I got
was -KGB
 fuck.He was willing to talk to us.I asked him about Stalin,all I got was the
party line
 ie-cult of personality-how Stalinism set socialism back.I also asked him
about Trotsky,
 all he would say was that Trotsky was a non entity(person) I am not sure
 Russian isn't that good.So I guess Stalins lucky he didn't fall to the level
of a non
                      If a KGB political officer is unwilling to defend
Stalin to any extent
 where does the truth lie.Did the Soviets fall because of their failure to
adhere to
 Stalins interpretation of Marxism Leninism?


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