PERU: The Conquest of Power is Certain

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                   THE PEOPLE'S WAR IN PERU

                          Part 1 of 3

The general crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in Peru is being confronted
and defeated by the masses, the proletariat, and the democratic
revolution led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) through People's
War. The old repressive State is being demolished. Instead a NEW
POWER is being generated, defended and developed in the support
Base Areas, the initial structure of the People's Republic of New
Democracy. At present, the revolution is preparing itself to carry out
the strategic counter-offensive and conquest of Power countrywide.

It is already 1996, and the reactionaries and imperialists are running
out of time. They cannot contain the materialization of the brilliant
perspective and plans of victory established by President Gonzalo,
demonstrated by the relentless and inevitable victory of the People's
War led by the PCP and its Central Committee. No absurd lies such as
Fujimori's claims of a "defeated and divided Sendero" and scams
advanced by rotten revisionists in Avakian's CORIM "peace accord is a
line inside the PCP," can prevent the victorious advances of the
People's Army and the People's Front in building the Conquest of

The faithful lackey of imperialism, Fujimori and his narco-generals
dreamed in annihilating the People's War but only suffered failures and

1. They introduced the hoax of "peace accords" and failed.
2. The reactionary armed forces launched several "final offensives" and
   only obtained defeats in the battle field.
3. In the last presidential elections over 70% of Peruvians eligible to
   vote submitted blank votes, or simply refused to vote, the "elections"
   did not take place in the PCP's Base Areas which include over 40%
   of Peru's population, therefore, the bourgeois democracy is
   not only a failure but illegitimate.
4. Yankee imperialists and native reactionaries, with the collaboration
   of the international financial oligarchy, failed to re-impulse and
   "re-invigorate" bureaucratic capitalism. Greedy bankers suck up
   millions of dollars as interest payments for foreign loans,  at the
   same time imports of foreign goods increase while the national
   production continues to decline, converting the acute recession into
   an endless depression; a policy that leads to higher taxes, lower
   salaries, reduction of basic public services, increasing
   unemployment, misery, homeless children, hunger, disease, cholera,
   etc. This is the result of the "economic shock" imposed by
   Fujimori's clique of big capitalists and landlords over the oppressed
   and exploited masses in Peru.

 economic policies known as "economic shock and
stabilization" designed by Yankee imperialism through the
International International Fund (IMF), World Bank, BID, etc. are
being enforced on the peoples' of Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and
Latin America through blood and fire. Big capitalists and monopolists
carry out large-scale speculation of basic consumer goods and food
supplies. They obtain huge profits from the "price increases" that they
themselves fix through their puppet governments. Price increases for
goods and services that they themselves control and sell; thus, forcing
the working people to pay for these with their shrinking salaries. In
Peru the average minimum wage is $40 dollars per month, that is a
little more than one (1) dollar per day; these times when 1 kilo of
potatoes costs $6 dollars, without considering costs for housing utilities,
transportation, etc. which results in the massive tuberculization of the
people. On the other hand, the big bourgeoisie gets fatter, for example
in 1994, Fujimori's wife has exposed in detail how the gang headed by
her husband made such "unexpected" profits from the sudden price
increases. Fujimori's fortune comes from real state investments, tax
frauds and drug trafficking.

It is vital for the reactionaries to re-invigorate bureaucratic capitalism
by the new accumulation of capital to sustain the exploiting classes,
especially today when the People's War is shaking up the semifeudal
society and the corresponding social relations that big landlords employ
to exploit the masses in the countryside.

The preceding shows that liberalism and market economic policies do
not serve the needs and interests of the vast majority of people, rather,
they are means to satisfy the interests of big property owners
(capitalists and landlords) and imperialists whom at the same time own
and control the old State, its government and its armed forces.


Peru People's Movement, January 1996.
Published by The New Flag
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