Godena: the Walter Mitty ...

CEP iwp.ilo at ix.netcom.com
Sun Feb 11 23:03:42 MST 1996

    I Thanks publicly Louis Proyect, Kevin and others who
    unecquivocally confronted the Stalinist method of
    Godenas and the other Shiny Shit defenders.

    I also appreciate the many personal messages received.

    Murder of political opponents in the left, I hope,will
    never again be a generalyzed method in the marxist movement.

    I don't read Godenas, Quispe and other accomplices of the
    rump, degenerated Shiny Shit anymore.  I invite others to
    deny them the pleasure of a political discussion since they
    deny that to other leftists they murdered.

    I do know that, sooner or later, we will put them on trial.
    Not to be judged by those who oppress the people of Peru, but
    by the working class and the oppressed themselves.  They
    will, eventually, meet their fate.


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