The collapse of capitalism?

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>In a message dated 96-02-11 08:28:36 EST, Jerry writes:
>> Hasn't capitalism proven to be rather
>>resilient in practice? If we believe that the collapse of capitalism is
>>inevitable, shouldn't we just wait for the inevitable to happen?
>It is not inevitable by any means, it's just very likely that workers won't
>put up with it.

Really.  But haven't we seen over the past few decades that even as real
wages have stagnated, for example, the standard of living has actually
increased for most workers.  For example, while real wages in the U.S. have
been on a slight decline, measures of standard of living such as home
ownership, etc. have steadily increased.

If anything it seems that capitalism is demonstrating that if left free of
government intervention it will provide an ever increasing standard of
living to the masses.

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