Young Liberal Fascist (XII)

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Mon Feb 12 13:44:16 MST 1996

On Sun, 11 Feb 1996, Brian Carnell wrote:

> Please explain how democracy and socialism can coexist??  Since socialism
> involves planning outcomes to better meet certain needs, explain how this
> can be done democratically.
	Libertarians need to read a few classics before making these sort
of statements, or consider examples of this which happen everyday. Take
the House of Representatives which debates, votes, and enacts legislature.
There is no reason why this concept cannot be applied by adopting a
similar form of democracy at federal, state, local, and factory levels.
It isn't to say that the House of Representatives is the best model to
carry out planning on, but planning itself doesn't mean that democracy
cannot exist. Nor does it mean that every item from widgets, to computers
has to be planned. There are certainly other views concerning planning
including the idea of market socialism.

	Could someone suggest a few books for our capitalist demogauge to

Cols, Oh

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