PERU: The Scam of "Self-Management"

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                THE PEOPLE'S WAR IN PERU

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Reactionary agents disguised as "Marxists" and " leftist" [aka
Revisionists] from the United Left (IU) and the fake "new left" openly
collaborate with imperialism and the regime in fabricating new formulas
for assisting bureaucratic capitalism's survival. For instance, when
large numbers of State employees protest in the streets after being fired
suffering the consequences of privatization of Peru's  State companies,
revisionists and other agents of imperialism entrenched in the Non-
Governmental Organizations (NGOs) join forces to advertise "solutions
in the informal sector." The case of Henry Pease ["New Left"] who
joins Hernando de Soto [CIA's Institute of Liberty and Democracy] and
their NGOs in proposing the imperialist formula: "If they [workers] cannot be
part of the labor market, they should seek prosperity through honesty,
labor, self-initiative and self-management." What these lackeys of
imperialism are proposing is that all unemployed workers -including
former State employees- should join the vast armies of "informal" street
vendors to peddle merchandise distributed by big capitalist retailers. In
this way, the unemployed workers are "free" to join the "informal
sector", practice "self-management" and "free competition" to enjoy
"free misery", "free hunger", "free crimes", "free cholera and TB" etc.
without any health care benefits, nor social security, working
(surviving) in filthy streets, etc.
It is no surprise that the handful of big capitalists grouped in the
Confederation of Industry and Business of Peru (CONFIEP) and other
NGOs, with the support of the Catholic church, propose deceiving
programs trying to contain the class struggle. They give out sporadic
hand-outs to the increasing number of impoverished masses. Sources
such as the Association of Merchants (ADEC-ATC) and FSP-1994
confirm that in 1990 the number of Peruvians living in acute poverty
was close to 13 million (58% of Peru's total population.) By 1993
Fujimori's regime increased them to 15 million (68% of the country's
population) that is an increase of 10% in three (3) years! Thus, the
number of Peruvians in acute poverty grows at an average rate of over
660,000 per year. By 1996 there were 17 million people in acute
poverty, which means that in 1996 over 70% of Peru's total population
suffers misery, hunger, malnutrition, disease, etc. This fact buries any
claims of "economic success". This also indicates that the regime of the
lackey Fujimori serves the interests of imperialism. This social drama
occurs not only in Peru, but also in most of the Third World, and
humanity is four years away from the 21st Century! Is this progress? Is
this the "new world order"? Is this civilization?

In Peru it is no surprise that one of the CONFIEP's former presidents,
Vega Llona and the counterinsurgency experts known as "senderologists",
 have warned: "If we do not start today to provide
hand-outs, the people's unrest and explosion will be tremendous and
will certainly cause a great danger for the social order." (Confiep,
Bulletin 12/94.)

The "Humanitarian aid" of the big capitalists, multinationals and
landlords is a buffer that aims at maintaining the deteriorating
conditions for the people while trying to prevent their legitimate right
to rebel and join the raging People's War; people are forced to live
submerged in hunger and misery, depending on hand-outs, to generate
flows and accumulation of profits. It is for this purpose that the poor
must survive, that the workers must stay alive; for who else would
generate wealth? The so called "aid" is nothing more than the concern
that vile masters show for their slaves, the concern of the executioner
for the victim, or that of the parasite for the organism that feeds it.


Peru People's Movement, January 1996.
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