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Tue Feb 13 04:53:58 MST 1996

What are you, a personal friend of Gene's?? Hmmmm?!? Because if you were, you
would know that E. Dennis respected and was comradely with Gus Hall. Dennis
gave Hall the most trustworthy assignments, and Gus Hall only came to be GS
of the Party when Eugene Dennis was too ill with cancer. I am a historian and
member of the CPUSA. What have you done, picked up a copy of Peggy Dennis's
book and think you know Party history? I can tell you haven't read a word of
Gus Hall, or if you did you certainly did not pay attention. Your repeated
slanders and lies and attempts to start a flamewar with the CPUSA and,
specifically Scott, is rather pathetic. As well as your comment about "FBI
controller" which is completely inappropriate. Scott Marshall is a dedicated
Communist who would never betray the working class or the Party. Scott
Marshall is an exceedingly honorable man and comrade.
Your slanders of Gus Hall also will not go unchallenged. Gus Hall is an
extraordinarily creative Marxist-Leninist theorist and practitioner. A leader
in the CIO in the Thirties, a Party leader, in the "underground" of the early
Fifties, in jail for eight years as a Party leader, a revolutionary
throughout, a Communist throughout, and a great person throughout. That is
more than I can say for you. When you find better and mor revolutionary
things to do than attacking the militant workingclass Communist Party, USA, I
suggest you inform me (and Scott). Until then, at least shut up and let the
rest of us address important issues--like the unparalleled growth of the
CPUSA. Charlotte L. Kates.

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