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Tue Feb 13 07:18:11 MST 1996

On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, Matt D. wrote:
> I'm not sure I understand you here.  Are you saying that the *absence* of
> any evidence of atrocities committed by the PCP somehow *proves* that
> the PCP does commit atrocities?
> Think about it for a second, and I'm sure you will agree that that is not a
> very reasonable position.

Louis: Is there any point to continuing the debate over whether or not
the Shining Path is terrorist or not? I, for one, don't see any profit in
trying to establish whether a given nun was executed on a given day who
may or may not have been entering the names of Shining Path members into
a little black book that she was going to turn over to the secret police
later that week.

Why don't we talk about the *ideas* of the Shining Path. They claim to be
inspired by Maoism. Maoism is about class-collaborationism. Mao was a
member of the Kuomingtang, as were other leaders of the Chinese CP, when
they followed Stalin's instructions to give up their independent
political status. Mao defended this policy in writing. This policy was a

During WWII, the United States invited the Chinese CP to form a
coalition government with the Kuomingtang. Mao said, "Good idea!"

If anybody thinks this is revolutionary politics, let them step forward
and say so. Matt, do you think this is an example for the left to follow?
Why hasn't Quispe answered me on the "bloc of 4 classes" question I put

Anybody who claims to stand on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has the
responsibility to come to terms with the record of the Chinese CP. We may
not be able to get to the facts of what is taking place in some Peruvian
village today, but we certainly should have no trouble trying to
understand the significance of that star in the flag of the People's
Republic of China that represents the national bourgeoisie.

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