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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Feb 13 08:59:24 MST 1996

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996 Godenas at aol.com wrote:

> produce "documentation," witholding of prisoner interviews, etc.).  Suddenly,
> a relatively obscure organization, of allegedly "British" origins appears in
> the "Republic", flown in on AIR AMERICA, and lands at Ton Son Nhut Air Base
> ("Saigon").  They are accorded every courtesy, given voluminous help, even

> allowed to interview "victims" of torture, etc.  Yes, it is none other than
> Mr. Proyect's Amnesty International, arriving not only to save the day for
> General Ky and RMN, but to issue what would become a series of reports
> hasten to add that I am NOT accusing Mr. Proyect's beloved Amnesty
> International of being a willing conduit of CIA disinformation.  In light of

Louis: Godena, you really are marvelous. In one paragraph you make the
case that AI was on assignment for US imperialism.

In the next paragraph, you state that it is *not* a conduit for CIA

Which is it?

I am all for having serious debates around the politics of Stalin and
Shining Path. I even forgive you for slandering my dear friend Carlos who
I used to tango with whenever I was in Los Angeles.

But let's put all this "spy versus spy" nonsense behind us. When the
American friends of the Shining Path lead us to the dictatorship of the
proletarian in the not too distant future and Louis Godena will be the
Commissar of Public Safety, then will have a look into the FBI and CIA
files and see who the real bad guys really were.

In the meantime, let's talk about the politics of the Shining Path, of
Mao, of Stalin. Godena, what about the "bloc of 4 classes"? Are you for
this? Do you think Mao was correct when he joined the Kuomingtang? Did
this advance the struggle against capitalism?

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