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Louis, I believe you, of all people, know how these things work: a fledgling
organization, made up of people representing a wide gamut of "liberal"
opinions, some undoubtedly with contacts (not necessarily sinister) with
American diplomats, academicians, political leaders, etc.  Some of them
probably have connections to the ASEAN Pact countries.  They are asked,
through "channels" (probably a British diplomat or other political figure),
to investigate what has become a thorny public relations problem for the
Americans.  I will even grant you that originally AI may have acted for
primarily "benign" reasons (i.e., reasons not directly connected to the
absolution of America's role in what essentially was a genocidal war).
 However, in reading AI's "investigations" into the treatment of NLF/NVA
prisoners of war, as well as those merely "suspected" of such affiliation,
the question begs to be asked:"whose interests are being served?"  This is a
question that, again and again, has since been asked by progressives and
supporters of revolutionary movements around the world.  And since 1969, AI
has in many respects become a semi-official part of the political
establishment in the west, issuing reports directly to government ministers
and agencies, serving on official commissions, receiving generous and often
open-ended government grants and loans,  and often--and this is well
documented--parroting official policy on "terrorism" and "human rights."
  Louis, I find it simply unfathomable that you, of all people, can continue
to see AI as an "objective" force, standing above class, and impartially
doling out, alternately,  bouquets and darts to governments and genuine
revolutionary movements, regardless of merit.  AI, clearly, has a political
agenda of its own and, in its most general outlines, it is this: to layer of
patina of respectibility on the neo-liberal "new world order" and to excite
popluar indignation and hostility on those "left" forces opposed to it.
                                             Louis Godena

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