Party discipline

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Tue Feb 13 16:28:17 MST 1996

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>      First of all Charlotte ,you are not a
>communist.You are a
>  base Stalinist lackey.I don't need lectures from snot nosed brain damaged
>   Stalinist puppets.

But, you see, I am a Communist. Disgusting personal attacks like yours are
really repulsive when put forth by a "leftist". At least Klehr has some
subtlety. If you get some, you, too, can be the toast of the bourgeoisie and
write a book with Ronald Radosh. But then again, if you are really the
"leftist" you claim to be, you will do something productive--which does not
include slandering fellow fighters for change. But I'm not holding my breath
waiting you to do anything useful. Charlotte

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