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>                      Scott,after reading some of the posts by CKates-is a
>pre frontal   lobotomy required to join the CPUSA,does the party provide do
>it yourself kits,or is
>  Kates a product of the YCL?
Damn, Elsequin.  I am getting so sick of hearing all this useless bickering
amoung party members.  Personaly, I do not agree with ALL of what CPUSA does,
but I would not be me if I did.  I am not affiliated with CPUSA in any way
(not that thats good or bad) so I am not biased.  I wish that people like
Elsequin would stop instigating these pissing contests about who's party is
cooler than who's.  I support all anti-capitalist socialists.  Thats right,
as amazing as it sounds I consider CPUSA, SPUSA, SWP, etc. to be my allies in
the fight against capitalism.  Anyone who would put down a fellow socialist
for an affiliation with a party that does not fit their every maticulas
critiques ceases, in my mind, to be a contributor towards a socialist future.

--Mike Dean

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