Robert Peter Burns rburns at scf.usc.edu
Tue Feb 13 20:17:07 MST 1996

Hey, I am *not* a member of DSA though I do get Dissent
(I also get Against the Current, Monthly Review, Science
and Society and New Left Review).  I am a market socialist
and I am very strongly of the opinion that class is primary.
Not being an American, I am constantly surprised at how
much of what passes for the "American left" more or less
ignores class.  But Louis, I do like most of what Ellen
Meiksins Wood has to say about class, and I think for anyone
to suggest that Gerry Cohen is not primarily exercised by class
knows nothing about Gerry Cohen.  (He was once my teacher, BTW.)

rburns at scf.usc.edu
> On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Kevin Cabral wrote:
> > 	Please explain to me how most of DSA, and the market socialists
> > attack class. Specific examples, perhaps find me a DSA document or two
> > which attacks the concept of class struggle. Perhaps Robet Peter Burns
> > could comment on this, as I believe he is both a DSA member and a market
> > socialist.
> >
> Louis: Read what I said, Kevin. I said *primacy* of class.

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