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Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Louis: Maybe I am confused. I am speaking of Antonio Negri, born in 1933,
> who co-authored that hippie manifesto "Communists like Us" with Guattari.
> It is entirely possible that you folks are talking about another Negri.

I'm not familiar with the manifesto. However, Negri was and is no hippie.
Negri was a leader of the Italian _Autonomia_ movement which had
considerable influence among young factory workers in the '70's. A
biography and list of his writings is included in the 1984 English
edition of _Marx Beyond Marx_ (Bergin and Garvey Publishers, Inc). The
author's Preface to the English edition was written while he was a
prisoner in Rebibbia Prison. Negri, along with many other well-known
leftists, was arrested and imprisoned following the Red Brigade
kidnapping and murder of former Prime Minister Moro and he was imprisoned
for four years without a trial. Negri had, in fact, been a vocal opponent
of terrorism, but that didn't matter in the hysteria created following the
Moro killing. While he was on trial in the summer of 1983, he was elected
to Parliament and freed by virtue of the immunity guaranteed by the
Italian Constitution to members of Parliament! While the Parliament
debated whether he should be sent back to jail, Negri fled to France. He
eventually returned to Italy where he now resides.

Negri is many things, but a hippie he is not.


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