Godena: the Walter Mitty ...

Bradley Mayer concrete at netcom.com
Tue Feb 13 21:21:40 MST 1996

> The CPUSA, if it wants to be turn away from its history as a
>puppet for Stalinism/Moscow, needs to get more people like Scott Marshall
>into the party. And get the Stalinists, and "hard-liners" like Gus Hall,
>Louis Godenas, and Charlotte Kates out. I'm sure MIM, or perhaps the PLP
>would have plenty of spots availible for them.
>Cols, Oh

One should not be for the "reform" of these irredeemable "Communist"
organizations (and for "reformers" such as S. Marshall); one should be
for overcoming these as obstacles to the reconstruction of the
revolutionary Marxist party of the working class.

			-Brad Mayer

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