Young Liberal Fascist (XII)

boddhisatva kbevans at
Tue Feb 13 21:33:30 MST 1996

                Mr. Carnell,

        You wrote: "I can choose whatever economic relationship I choose to
engage in."   Can you really?  Then why don't you just *choose* to be as rich
as Steve Forbes?  That would certainly seem to be somewhat more appealing than
the current economic relationship in which you are engaged.  For that matter,
why don't we all.  Why don't the 40,000 people about to be laid of by AT and T
just choose to be partners in law firms and Dupont heirs and CEO's?  I
suppose they are just dumb, right?  But then I guess you would be too.

        You say you are your own boss?  Well, why don't you *choose* to give
yourself a raise on Monday.  Why don't you restructure your own department.
Why don't you just go to the boss and say "You know, I think we should start
to lay off some of this expensive managerial deadwood.  How about we start
with your job."  Then you see how fast YOUR
economic relationships get chosen for you.

        Of course you have an answer.  If not for this government
meddling, everybody would find his proper place in the world.  It's
similar to sports fans who blame their team's woes on the referees.
Naturally, in a fair world, swell guys like you would find good jobs - a
place on the JV or maybe even the Varsity - and the only fellas who
wouldn't make the cut would be bums and whiners (like people who blame
their losses on the refs).  I've got news for you Brian, this is a game
with team owners.  Your contract gets picked up when THEY decide, not you.

         I'm here to tell you that you're no more going to be a Fortune
500 CEO than an offensive lineman for Ohio State.  In fact think of
yourself like a guy trying to make the majors who never even had little
league team in his town, or a baseball team in his school or even on his
block.  Did you go to Andover? Eton? Harvard? Cambridge?  Were you a
legacy Skull and Bones?  What eating club did Pater belong to at
Princeton? Did Mummy ring the bell at Bryn Mawr?  Who won the Head of the
Charles last year?  Is Choate really top drawer?  How was your interview
at Brown Brothers?  Do you know the answers?  Do you understand the
questions?  We live in a class society, Brian, and I'm guessing that
you're not from the upper class.  That means you're coming into the game
without a mit, pal, government or no government.

	You're going to be a wannabe who blames his loss on the refs - the
government. You're going to be like all those white collar suckers at AT and T
who would have sneered at the union, and are now getting HALF the
severance compensation of the CWA workers.  You'll stay completely devoted
to the system, and you'll end up laid off and bitter. Your mind will stay
closed and eventually go rancid.

        So, go on and good luck to you.  You go and choose your economic
relationships like a good cowboy - riding the range alone, six-shooter in
hand.  Me, I'll CHOOSE my relationships, at the union ballot box, on the
strike line, shoulder to shoulder with my comrades.

	I know who's got my back.  Who's got yours?

        peace and happy trails,


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