Party discipline

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>On Tue, 13 Feb 1996 Elsequin at wrote:
>>                                  Hey Scotty,when SHIT BAG HALL talks about
>> party discipline
>>  do you get down on all fours or just bend over?What is the proper Stalinist
>> position?
>Is this nonsense really necessary? If you are going to criticise the
>CPUSA (or any other party for that matter) please would you be so kind as
>to engage your brain before polluting this list.
>Thanks in advance  :) a libertarian who finds y'all marxists as bizarre as I'm sure
you find my views, I have to agree with this post.  What is the point of
just posting to be annoying??  I'm glad some of you have taken the time to
produce (volumnious in Burns' case) replies to my questions and responses.
Those who would simply dismiss an idea out of hand as Elsequin seems to do
are alienated from their own brains methinks.

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