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[Please read Part 1/2 first]

I am asking Carlos to be more specific about the charges of systematic
killing of leftists, but I would ask you a question, Luis.

One of your supporters in MIM said that the PCP has spray posted self-
criticisms in Lima for killing people incorrectly. Has the PCP summed
up any experience and acknowledged that mistakes were made?

Reports suggest an abating of the armed struggle in 1994 and 1995. If sum
setbacks occurred, how has the PCP analysed them?

I have another question that has not yet surfaced on this l'st. It
appears that a number of the allegations of violent actions by the PCP as
reported by AI and other sources concern the Ashaninka ethnic peoples in
the Amazon region. Has there been a special history of difficulty for the
party in winning support in this region? Have any lessons been learned?
(I believe that there were problems for the Sandanistas in winning over
people of the eastern seaboard. It is not surprising that such problems
occur in a war, but nor should it be overlooked.) I would appreciate
your comments.

Is Abimael Guzman still held in solitary confinement? Is his lawyer
still under arrest? What are his conditions now?

Really I would ask you to consider whether you wish readers to endorse
all aspects of your ideological approach, because some of the Maoist
features are most unlikely to be acceptable to the great majority, or
whether you are participating in the list to win support on a broader
basis against the repression of the Fujimori government and its international
backers. I would suggest the latter is a much more realistic goal.

The technical point about distinguishing between quote and comment remains
as you can see from this passage. Maybe a line needs to be inserted before
you reply.

> Some clearer indication of the difference between what you are quoting,
> and your own comments, however, would sometimes be helpful.
> That's good point. I will try to polish them. Luis.


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