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Wed Feb 14 07:49:39 MST 1996

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, boddhisatva wrote:

> 		Mr. Proyect,
> 	How does market socialism attack the primacy of class?

Louis: I made a mistake when I said this. When Jerry Levy challenged me
on this, I didn't rise to the challenge.

My problem with market socialism is, was and will be that it is a utopian
socialism. There is a convergence between thinkers who are staging a
"retreat from class" as Ellen Wood puts it and those who advocate market
socialism. For example, Hillary Wainwright's book "Toward a New Left"
offers a total package:

1) Market socialism
2) elevation of social movements to the same level of class
3) localized struggles
4) enfatuation with the notion of "civil society"
5) disdain for struggles for power at the state level
6) concessions to postmodernism

This is the sort of stuff that makes me grind my teeth and stay awake at

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