Louis Godena

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Wed Feb 14 07:58:38 MST 1996

> Jerry, I know you've always had more of a taste for fighting other leftists
> than for combating imperialism,[...]

You "know" the above just like you "know" Jay Lovestone was a Trotskyist.
You don't "know" me or what I have a taste for and I have no desire to
know you or your tastes. Your posts have already given me too much of a

> but, not to worry, I know Luis Q. and he is
> not about to harm "Carlos" (or whatever his name is).

Good. From that I can assume that Luis's posts were simply filled with
revolutionary bullshit (oops, I mean fervor).

> And the same would be
> true, even if you were in Lima banging your keyboard at some AID supported
> NGO (there are literally hundreds doing so even as we speak).  Talk is
> cheap.

Talk is cheap indeed. Your suggestion that I might work at some "AID
supported NGO" is very cheap indeed. What isn't cheap is the lives of
innocent civilians and leftists murdered by the Shining Path.


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