Jerry's right but...

Scott Marshall scott at
Wed Feb 14 08:28:08 MST 1996

Jerry I appreciate and agree with much of what you say about 'cop calling'
and threats etc on the list. I'm sick of these threads and sick of the
stupid silly name calling. And I deeply regret being in the middle of much
of this crap. But... I must also say that if you want to fairly take it on
then you can't be selective in you examples. Carlos was the first one to
raise the question of tribunals for people on this list. Nothing was said.
And it was that kind of thing that made me stop responding to him.

Actually it's all pretty silly if you ask me. No one remotely serious would
waste time making abstract threats on the list. This, from *everyone* doing
it is childish acting out by those playing at revolution.


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