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Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at state.ut.us
Wed Feb 14 09:11:15 MST 1996

Hiya Newton,
there are about 300 different sorts of people here, because there are
about 300 people, from all continents and some islands.  We're
interested in marxism in many different ways, and generally want an
end to capitalism.  And some of us quarrel with each other a lot.

Please try to avoid any 'who's more marxist than who' stuff, it's
awfully boring.  I'm an anthropology grad stu, among other things,
who is trying to do some cross-fertilization between several fields
within my brain.  Even hope to contribute some real
anthro/bio/ecology to marxian thought and projects.

I don't expect everybody to reintroduce themselves at this point, but
some little refreshers of biographies and interests are sometimes
appropriate.  Especially if any lurkers would like to take this
moment to speak up?....

Lisa Rogers
Spoons-liaison [admin rep.]
as well as member

>>> <rnewton at rpms.ac.uk>  2/14/96, 02:44am >>>
Greetings - I have just subscribed to this list and I thought it
would be good to find out what sort of people are on the list. So I
will introduce myself first.

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