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Wed Feb 14 09:56:52 MST 1996

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Luis Quispe wrote:

>   I do not have a hard evidence but the style (e.g., shiny-shit and other
>   shits), isn't this Carlos? Carlitos? -I have all his messages in
>   my hard drike, I collected and analyze the wording and style, I think
>   this is Carlos (the close and dear friend of Louis Proyect).


>   We will take care of him. Louis
>   Godenas is 100% right, this vermin Carlitos is dangerous and
>   unbalanced.


You don't have hard evidence (in other words, you have no evidence), yet
you are going to "take care" of Carlos. Do you realize that you have just
stated you are going to do, what you say the PCP doesn't do?

You lose.

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